UV Blocking Baby Sun Shade Makes Ideal Baby Shower Gift


March 12, 2015 – Sanford, Florida – Choosing appropriate baby shower gifts is sometimes painstaking for many people, whether the baby’s sex is known or not. With Amazon being a popular shopping site for people seeking such gifts, a new baby sun shade for cars from Monika’s Marketplace is seen as a suitable gift for both new and expecting parents. Practical and long lasting baby shower gifts are usually ones that are most appreciated. This baby car shade is not only practical, but it is something that can and should be used for as long as possible as the child grows.

The product blocks 97% of harmful UV rays and is considered ideal for protecting the delicate skin of babies. This is more than standard mesh baby car shades and it is also larger. It also attaches and removes easier by way of static electricity and stores away in the glove compartment. In addition, the baby sun shade for cars blocks out heat in addition to UV rays, helping to keep the interior of cars cool. These features, among others, are believed to make it suitable for any parent who may need to drive around with their baby since the skin of babies is much more delicate than that of adults.

Since being released to online shoppers via Amazon, the baby sun shade from Monika’s Marketplace has been selected by a number of customers as gifts for baby showers. “I got this baby sun shade for my niece’s shower this weekend. It came in a huge box and wrapped in plastic. It’s great for gift giving. I like that it blocks 97% of the UV rays from the sun. This is her first child and she is very particular. I think she will really like the sun shade. It’s nice too because you get two shades in the package,” said Gramiewho in a verified Amazon review.

The baby sun shade for cars is also considered to be an ideal gift based on the fact that it has no additional parts or accessories that may be lost or become hazardous to children. Shoppers who may be thinking about getting baby car sun shades will be pleased to know that the product from Monika’s Marketplace is currently available at a 48% discount off the list price.

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