New UV Blocking Baby Car Shade is Available on Amazon


February 22, 2015 – Sanford, FL – A heat reducing car window sun shade sold by Monikas Marketplace has been made available on Amazon.  The sun shade reduces the amount of UV rays that come into the car, therefore reducing the risk of sunburn and heat rashes, making trips enjoyable for babies.

Monikas Marketplace’s Baby Car Sun Shade is highly praised for its heat reducing function.  According to the company, the car shade lessens the amount of sunlight that filters through the window to provide maximum comfort for babies while traveling.

The car sun shield is designed with a high quality material that prevents up to 97% of harmful UV rays from permeating the car window.  Unlike standard mesh sun shades for baby, this sun shade is fit to a dimension of 18.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 inches for maximum protection – almost the entire size of the average car backseat window.

Another defining characteristic is the fact that this baby car shade does not use suction cups to stay attached to the window, instead it uses static electricity. The user simply wipes the car window with a damp cloth then presses the baby car shade into the window and wipes out the air bubbles with the same damp cloth. Now parents do not have to worry about their children losing the suction cups, or as many moms have expressed their toddles love to chew on suctions cups that may have fallen to the group.

Doctors agree that babies get itchy and uncomfortable from excess heat, not only because of sweating but also heat rashes.  Parents usually find that in these instances, the child becomes restless and miserable.   Monikas from Monikas Marketplace stated, “This car window baby car shade provides the perfect solution for a day’s drive-out with your little one.  An uncomfortable baby makes your traveling less frustrating.”

Eugenia H, a customer from Amazon, shared, “These work great! My children have stopped complaining about the sun in their eyes!”

Another customer expressed, “This is really a sweet, wonderful item to have because it installs so quickly, making it easy to move as the sun does or the baby’s seat changes in one car to another.”

The car window baby car shade by Monikas Marketplace is available as a two-piece pack, which can be used on opposite windows of the car.

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Monika’s Marketplace is a company that prides itself in high quality, practical, and affordable products for the home and family. Their baby car shade is made to provide full protection of babies and worry free from the heat that may cause skin illness. This baby car shade can be found on