New Car Shade For Babies Noted For Reducing Glare From The Sun

One of Monika’s Marketplace top products in their marketplace is their Baby Sun Shade which helps to protect babies from the glare of the sun.
car shade for babies

car shade for babies

( — August 28, 2015) Sanford, FL — This car shade for babies is able to keep additional sunlight from the interior of cars so that children can do activities such as read books in the back seat. Infants and toddlers can now travel in the back of cars without the problems of the effects of the sun glaring into their eyes and reflecting from windows and other surfaces.

With the glare decreased, the child can sit and enjoy the car ride without getting hot and bothered and frustrated. Importantly, they won’t become too frustrated and end up misbehaving and causing a distraction to the adult driver.

According to Monika’s Marketplace, the car shade for babies is able to block up to 97% of harmful UV rayswhich is more than the standard UV protection afforded from similar products. Baby Sun Shade is also much bigger in size than the usual window mesh and covers most of the back seat window.

The car shade for babies also has a darker tint allowing for less sunlight and heat to come through car windows. The inside of the car stays cooler for all occupants despite any high temperatures outside.

The car shade for babies is not only suitable for keeping the sun and heat away from infants but older persons as well.  One verified purchaser Diana commented about the versatility of the car shade for windows, “When you have a little child or newborn you really don’t want them to get hotter in the back seat than they have to. Now I would say these are not only for families with kids. It could be an elderly that is traveling in the back seat. Why not think about them. I don’t know about you but I hate to get in the back seat of a car that has super-hot seats. They provide a good amount of protection from the sun.”

The car shade for babies from Monika’s Marketplace also has other features that sit well with customers. They are easy to attach to windows and do so by static electricity without the need for suction cups like similar products. Baby Sun Shade is also compact and lightweight so that it can fold up easily for storage in the car glove compartment.

The car shade for babies is currently available on Amazon with most customers giving the product a high rating for quality.  They come in a convenient pack of two to fit over both back seat windows.

Currently on Amazon there is a discount of 10% on qualifying items from Monika’s Marketplace. If a customer purchases two or more items they receive a discount on one item by using the checkout coupon code 4W7W792S.