New Baby Sun Shade Sparks High Ratings and Positive Reviews

baby-car-shade-image-1( – March 10, 2015) Sanford, Florida – This baby sun shades for cars is proving to be a fast selling product on Amazon, bolstered by high levels of positive feedback and five star ratings from shoppers.

The product has found favor with customers for a number of reasons. These include its ability to easily attach to car windows, the fact that it stores away easily and also because it blocks 97% of harmful UV rays. As a result, over 86 percent of shoppers who rated the baby car shade, gave it a full five stars. This is the highest possible rating on Amazon and is reserved for high quality products as an indication of high customer satisfaction.

“My kids would always get so hot sitting in the back seat with the sun coming through the side windows onto their face, arms and neck. We put these on both the side windows in the back seat and they work really well. They stick to the window securely and they really help to block the rays from going into the backseat and making the kids uncomfortable and hot,” said Mandy, a satisfied Amazon customer.

Many other customers have echoed similar sentiments, with some comparing the lightweight baby sun shade to mesh baby car shades and other similar products. “This gave a better “darker” shade than many other shades I have purchased. I truly appreciate this! The quality of this particular baby sun shade is a higher quality than most as well. So, the installation is quick easy and within seconds,” said Lorraine Howard in another verified Amazon review.

One differentiating factor with this particular baby sun shade is the ease of installation due to the fact of not having suction cups that can be easily lost or don’t stick very well to the window surface. The baby sun shade comes with easy step by step instructions on how to install and there is even a video to watch if needed.

The baby sun shade from Monika’s Marketplace is larger than standard baby car shades and is attached by way of static electricity. It has no additional parts, such as suction hooks, which may become misplaced and also helps to reduce the heat inside cars. It is currently available on Amazon and is sold in pairs.