New Baby Sun Shade Also Has Anti-Glare Properties


March 13, 2015 – Sanford, Florida – A recently released car sun shade for babies released by Monika’s Marketplace has been lauded by several customers for also providing anti-glare protection. By keeping out excessive sunlight, children are able to read books and play games without being affected by glaring light reflecting from their surfaces. Reducing the glare will help to reduce the strain that would have otherwise been put on children’s eyes.  Reducing the glare also helps with reducing frustration among children while they try to read or play games. The frustration may lead to children acting out and causing a distraction to the driver.

“I have an older son who likes to read or use his iPad in the car (or even take a nap)…I purchased these because he is always complaining about the sun in his face. They have helped tremendously. Even better, you get two in a pack and they are super easy to install,” said Ashley L., one of several verified Amazon customers who used the baby sun shade for anti-glare purposes.

With the ability to block 97 percent of harmful UV rays, the baby car shade provides more UV protection than standard mesh shades. It is also larger and has a darker tint, which allows it to keep out more sunlight, which is why it helps to eliminate glare from sunlight that would otherwise still get in while using other sun shades. Additionally, the product contributes to a reduction of heat within cars, allowing all occupants to be cooler while driving, regardless of the outside temperature. These features, along with keeping out glare from the sun, has resulted in a bevy of positive comments from shoppers.

“I needed one of these for a long time for my kids. Who likes the sun in their eyes? Nobody! My kids can play on their DS and watch movies without complaining of the glare now. Thank you so much for making such a great product,” said Joann121, another satisfied Amazon customer.

The baby sun shade from Monika’s Marketplace has also been commended for its other benefits, including the fact that it is easy to attach via static electricity, requiring no suction cups or other additional parts. It is also lightweight and folds up for convenient storage.

Currently available on Amazon, the anti-glare baby sun shade has been rated highly with mostly five stars by customers, an indication of its high quality.