New Baby Car Shade Launched on Amazon


( – February 19, 2015) Sanford, FL – Monikas Marketplace’s Baby Car Sun Shade has been made available to the general public since its launch on Amazon last summer.  Since then, there have been numerous positive reviews of the product due to its efficiency and high quality.


The baby car sun shade is designed to be mounted on the window of the car for protection from harmful sun rays.  The baby car shade is 18.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 inches in size and covers an average backseat window.  At this dimension, this window shade stands out as providing a broader coverage for protection than most car window shades for baby on the market.


The black sun shade is attached to the car window by static electricity, allowing it to stay firmly in place while driving.  It blocks up to 97% of harmful sun rays while reducing the amount of heat that gets into the car.  In fact, the baby car shade stays firmer and absorbs more as the sun gets hotter.


One parent, Athena M., shared on Amazon, “These are great for my SUV.  My windows are tinted, but a lot of sunlight still is able to filter in.  We put the baby sun shades up and it has stopped shining in my youngest daughters face, making the ride so much more enjoyable with her!  I don’t have to worry about her getting burned because her seat is too hot, because they also help protect her seat.  There’s also going to be less sun damage to the cloth of her seat. I am so grateful that I was able to find these!”


Monikas Marketplace’s easy-install car window shade for baby proves to be a solution for long journeys with children during the daytime.


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