Monika’s Marketplace Launches New UV Blocking Baby Sun Shade


( – March 11, 2015) Sanford, Florida – The product is sold in pairs and is easy to attach, easy to store and has no additional parts.

With babies’ skin being more delicate than that of adults, the use of baby sun shades to shield them from the sun’s rays has grown in popularity. However, many baby sun shades do not offer adequate protection, may not last very long or are not easy to work with. The development of this baby sun shade sold by Monika’s Marketplace made sure to address each one of those points.

In regards to adequate protection, the baby sun shade from Monika’s Marketplace blocks 97% of UV rays, which is more than many standard mesh baby car shades. It also keeps the interior of vehicles cool, reducing the heat that may become stifling.

As far as being easy to install, it attaches easily to car windows and windshields by way of static electricity, eliminating the need for cumbersome suction hooks and loose parts. One of the most common complaints with mesh sun shades are that the suction cups fall off and get lost, this problem is solved with the use of static electricity with this innovative design.

The baby sun shade is very durable and will not get worn down or tear. On top of that, it folds up for easy storage, requiring less space than others.

In the short time since the product has been released on Amazon, where it is sold exclusively, a number of shoppers have been commenting favorably about the baby sun shade. The high level of positive feedback has also been bolstered by full five star ratings, which is the highest rating on Amazon and indicates high customer satisfaction. “These are something every car should have in it.

They fold up small enough to put into your glove box for that unexpected sunny day. Not only for children but good even for the adults in the back seats trying to shield their eyes from the sun.  It is easy to put on, easy to take off, and easy to adjust as you change driving directions,” said Judy L. Jaszka in a verified Amazon review.

Parents and others who are seeking suitable protection for babies while transporting them around, may consider the baby sun shade from Monika’s Marketplace. Shoppers may also be pleased to know that they are larger than standard baby shades.