Finally! A Baby Sun Shade That Actually Blocks UV Rays And Is Easy To Attach And Remove With No Additional Parts!


Although many of us enjoy the warmth and enjoy having fun in the sun, the sun can also be very harmful. Over exposure of UV Rays can not only cause skin cancer, but can also reduce the bodies ability to heal.

When your baby is sitting your car, it is important to protect them from the UV rays entering the car window.

Here are the many benefits of our Baby Car Shade:

  • UV Blocker – Blocks 97% harmful UV rays, much more compared to standard mesh sun shades

  • Easy to Attach – Simply wipe window with damp cloth, attach baby car shade to window. Stays in place by static electricity, no unnecessary suction cups!

  • Easy to Store– Folds away for easy storage

  • Reduces Heat – Cools temperature inside the car as well on your baby

  • No Additional Parts – No additional suction cups that can get lost or fall off. Uses static electricity to attach to the glass. The hotter the sun, the firmer it absorbs!

  • Fits Most Vehicles – Designed to fit on most vehicle windows

  • Reduces Glare – If your baby has video screen watching movies in the back seat, these car shades are great to reduce the glare on the screen.


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